Cases studies

Online systems

Businessbox can develop online systems which allow you to set up of your client database. Our systems include user friendly dashboards providing remote access via secured login and password to your clients, agents or staff members as needed. Online databases replace traditional excel spreadsheets flying back an forth. The key advantage of an online database is that the data updates are live and any/all changes to the database can be viewed instantaneously via remote access to the system. The second advantage is that an online database can be programmed using a combination of HTML, Javascript and PHP code enabling the flexibility to create specific functionalities such as online bookings, PDF document generators or automatic emails as required.


Businessbox were awarded the task of working with ATL throughout the conception process and subsequently in the development of their state of the art online booking system. ATL – Australian Translators and Linguists also commissioned the Businessbox team to develop the corresponding mobile app. in addition to managing their website design and construction,hosting services, database system and emails via google apps A match made in heaven – the requirements of ATL from conceptual advice through to design and development have been revolutionary for the business.
Technical support and integration with client’s systems were crucial and Businessbox has provided both on an ongoing basis to ATL.

Portfolio Tracker –

Businessbox were engaged to systemise the business operations for a group of International Investment firms – and subsequently developed the ‘Portfolio Tracker’ platform. Embraced by the client, this system essentially gave individual investors a private view of their investment portfolio at any given moment. Being ‘live’ information assured the clientele of the exact state off their affairs at any given time. This portal was also a strong communication tool between the Investment companies and those investors. The barriers of numerous currencies, markets and security were handled proficiently within the system.

The Portfolio Tracker provides the following key areas of functionality:
– Dashboards and Interfaces accessed by administration staff, financial advisors and their investors.
– Automated documents generation process such as certificates, statements and letters – Bank reports and account reconciliation tools
– Investment management and case allocation tools
– Automated statement production
– Communications tools for investor relations – Extensive reporting tools showing investments across multi-currencies.

After completing the project in 2012, Businessbox has been providing technical support and system maintenance under Service Level Agreements with its customers.

Online shops

Ecommerce is revolutionaising the retail industry. With Thousands of online shops emerging every week .New concepts are being tested regularly, and the parameters and expectations are constantly rising. An online shop demands an easy to navigate product section in addition to a user friendly backend which allows you to easily upload product images and descriptions A secure and efficient shopping cart associated to a payment gateway such as PayPal to finalise transactions is key. Businessbox have identified Shopify as the platform of choice in ecommerce for its simplicity, support and efficiency. (from amongst a multitude of framework options including Magento , Drupal or Zencart).

In todays marketplace e-commerce is intimately linked to social media via Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram..with new media emerging regularly. Utilising these social media platforms when used properly provides limitless opportunities for brand building, referral and ultimately sales for a business. An online shop can only benefit when synchronised with these social media activities. As an approved Shopify partner Businessbox can assist you from the outset – in the initial design of your shop, to the development/programming and right through to the management of your first orders.The benefit being – our experience becomes your experience.

Foundling –

Businessbox designed and developed website on Shopify e-commerce platform. The site was launched on Dec 1st 2013. Other services provided by Businessbox to Foundling includes website maintenance, business operations, online marketing campaigns, technical support and Search Engine Optimization.

Memorythreads –

Schools around Australia organise ski trips, tours and other educational excusions on a yearly basis. Memorythreads specialises in the design print and production of hoodies and other garments for schools, clubs and other accociations.
Memorythreds contacted Businessbox to enhance their current website frontend and backend with additional functionalities. In addition Businessbox hosts memorythreads website and provide WordPress technical support and training on an ongoing basis.