Do you know your website Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate measures a website’s ability to capture an audience’s attention: if lots of people go to your website and quickly go away, your website’s bounce rate will be high, which means that your site is (in general) not doing what you want it to do…

As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 25% to 40% is excellent , 40% to 50% is average but OK, above 50%: your website needs to be looked at and 0% to 25% is unusual (something might not work or google analytics may not have enough data to pull out the stats).


This morning, i checked out the analytics of . Although this online shop website is fairly new, we captured enough data to get accurate stats:

foundling_bounce rate

Do you have google analytics set up on your website ?

Do you know your website bounce rate ?

if not contact us now and we will guide through:

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