Google Apps


– Google Apps
Google provides a range of services such as branded emails, webmail access and powerfull online tools such as Analytics, Adwords and Webmasters to name a few. As an approved reseller for Google Apps, Businessbox are qualified to assist and provide support to end users.


– Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides a comprehensive dashboard to view your websites traffic (historial and live). With a host of reporting tools: you can view traffic ORIGIN (prameters include countries , age group and gender), which device and browser were utilised to access your site (e.g. iphone , ipad , laptop via chrome, safari, firefox, or internet explorer), which pages attract maximum traffic and visitor duration per page. This is crucial information allowing you to understand your market and adapt your website by presenting vital information accordingly.
Businessbox will set up your google analytics account, link it to your website and provide comprehensive reports on a regular basis.


– Google AdWords
A complex but potentially rewarding service provided by google consisting of creating marketing ads displayed the all important first page of Google. The ads are activated via specific search at a specific times.
Initially Research your keywords or key phrases using google keyword planner, create and monitor your campaigns, analyse the results and fine tune your campaigns. AdWords is accessed via a complex dashboard with a multitude of parameters. Without experience to manage adWords campaigns, it is strongly recommended to use a specialist.