Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be a complex and competitive industry. SEO can be divided into two categories:
Natural Referencing via search engines or Google Adwords.


Natural Referencing can be lengthy process. It requires that your website meet certain technical criteria, and that your website copy is specific to your business, written in plain english and with respect to Googles’ guidelines. Natural Search Engine optimisation takes time : words and/or word combinations are indexed by Google. After being filtered through a complex algorithm (regularly updated by Google) your page reference or web address will be allocated rank/position in google search. The challenge : millions of businesses vying for top position on the all important first page of a Google search.


Google Adwords offer another avenue for businesses to be found, in a google search. Google adWords when used well – result in your ad being displayed (right side or top of the google search window). The results using Google Adwords can be more immediate but again competition is fierce to get your ad displayed for specific keywords, keeping in mind you pay google for each click on your page accordingly.


Businessbox can set up both your Google Analytics (allowing you to view/analyse your website traffic) and Adwords accounts,. We can also provide training in a workshop environment – allowing you to use the tools so you can identify and apply the specific keywords/phrases to use in your Ad (via Google Keyword Planner).
For wordpress websites we can also set up/configure plugins after receiving a list of keywords or keyphrases. If you wish to outsource your website SEO we can refer you to one of our specialists for ongoing support.