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A website is a sequence of pages, links and other functions that can be viewed or triggered remotely. The pages or data are stored (hosted) on a computer called server.
A server ensures access by anyone (with a proper login and password), from anywhere, at anytime via the internet through a domain name (a unique address that links to a website). Servers hosting all data and private information are located in a secure and reliable environment known as a Data Centre.
Businessbox servers are hosted in Australia in a reliable and secure Data Centre. Although the majority of our websites are set up on a shared server we also host more complex online systems on dedicated or Virtual Private Server. We choose to host our clients websites and systems in Australia to comply with data privacy and security requirements. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, 24 hour support in addition to regular backups, system security audits and upgrades.
Businessbox hosting services include the registration and setting up of domain names, databases and email management.

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