Software as a service or software with a service?

Do-It-For-Me Revolution, or “DIFM” for short combines technology automation with specialized labor to deliver a complete solution to a business problem.

No Software… Too Much Software

The SaaS generation owes its tagline to Marc Benioff, who launched 15 years ago with the famous rallying cry, “No Software.” The idea was that businesses would no longer have to purchase, install and run software but could instead rent it as they needed it. Yet to most end users, SaaS software requires just as much effort to learn and operate as the old PC and client-server analogs. Salesforce’s once innovative customer relationship management system has itself become a complex data-entry monster whose user interface has barely changed in more than a decade.

Made for Small Business

In practice, big business has been relying on DIFM for decades to simplify and cut costs. They’ve just called it “managed services” or “business process outsourcing,” BPO for short.

Small businesses have complex needs, such as payments, accounting, payroll, benefits, tax, inventory and scheduling. Yet most small business owners have neither the time nor skill to learn another software tool. The majority of business owners who purchase Xero accounting package rely on a third-party accountant to run it for them.

And this is exactly where DIFM comes in. The DIFM user interface is simple and minimal; complexity is handled by technology and people in the background. Some DIFM companies operate marketplace models, while others rely on in-house talent to deliver a full service. Dozens of startups have emerged, each tackling one slice of the small business pie.

Instead of selling “software-as-a-service,” these DIFM companies are delivering “software-with-a-service.” The result is awesome customer experience that can only be delivered with a human touch. Because of the human component, DIFM startups may take longer to scale, but once they do, they’re hard to replicate and have the potential to become huge, dominant companies.  After slogging through years of DIY software, the business world seems ripe for a DIFM revolution.

Businessbox created a DIFM service for e-commerce start ups which includes bookeeping, inventory management, marketing and website development and maintenance. If you are a start up e-commerce business and need to streamline your business operations, contact us now.

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